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We are a small company that prides itself on being known as the nice guys in the industry and are looking forward to working with other guys that will be a good representation of our brand. We don’t ask our models to sign any binding forms that prevent you from doing other work as we’ve heard horror stories from other companies that threaten legal action against their models. We are not the big, bad corporate type and we want our models to feel like they are a part of something and we are lucky to be able to call many of our models our friends.

We try to cast for many different types so if you are in good shape and like to be naked, we wanna see you, even if you are a first-time model. Typically we cast between the ages of 18-32, but Bret says maybe a little older if you look like Mario Lopez. We do different types of shoots: solos, side-by-sides, oral, group and other voyeur films, so if you like to have sex and get paid for it, send us a few pics to Shirtless or nude photos are best, but please send over a couple close face shots as well. Please include the following information:




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***Due to the sexual nature of our films and to promote safe and responsible sexual behavior,
all potential models must be able to pass an industry standard Talent STD/HIV test. If we like
what we see, we will contact you to make arrangements for a meeting.

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