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Vote now for Austin Andrews to take the stage with Chi Chi LaRue and Honey West in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend!

(CHICAGO, IL) – The 2012 Grabby Awards are the Oscars of the gay adult entertainment industry and now, for the first time in the fifteen-year history of the show, an Internet-based porn star is up for the honor of co-hosting the night’s festivities. AUSTIN ANDREWS of AustinZane.com fame is at the top of the nominee roster to take to the stage with the likes of CHI CHI LARUE and HONEY WEST during the ceremony held over Memorial Day Weekend at Park West Theater in Chicago, Illinois.

“I think it’s indicitive of a real change in the market,” says JASON SECHREST, head of public relations for AustinZane.com. “AUSTIN has never had the exposure of being in a movie for a major DVD studio, but what’s crazy is he didn’t need to! The audience of the Internet is truly unlimited and AUSTIN’s fan base is obviously as large and devoted as that of those considered to be the biggest gay porn superstars of today. He’s the new breed of gay porn superstar.”

AUSTIN himself is nervous and excited by the possibility of winning. “I love CHI CHI LARUE,” he says. “I would do it just to be able to hang out with her for two hours on stage. But if it weren’t for her being there, I’d be so scared. I hope I don’t pee myself. – Or wait, would that get me even more votes if I do? Because I will if I need to!”

Last year, AUSTIN ANDREWS and ZANE MICHAELS utilized The Grabby Awards as a platform to launch their site, making this year’s ceremony also a special anniversary. Unlike other gay porn sites, AUSTIN and ZANE maintain and operate AustinZane.com entirely on their own giving it an incredibly personal feel. From video editing to design, the site is a two-man operation.

To promote the co-hosting nom, the boys will appear in person at Micky’s “Cocktails with the Stars” in West Hollywood next Wednesday, February 15th at 7:00 pm, for live on-stage interviews and nearly naked shenanigans with host SCOTTY BEE.

Fans can VOTE NOW for AUSTIN to co-host The 2012 Grabby Awards at www.Grabbys.com

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