Blake’s Break

Okay, today is Blake Savage’s first real partner scene ever. Usually Austin or Zane would break in a new guy but for today’s shoot, Austin wanted to try out a new (squeaky) GlideCam to film the shoot so we thought we would give Bret Myles a chance to guide the new guy down gay-sex lane. It probably wasn’t the best idea to throw an already extremely nervous Blake into his first shoot with the intimidation of Bret Myle’s monster-cock, but we thought there had to be at least a handful of members that can appreciate being able to watch the growth and transformation of a new model from being completely freaked out to being totally comfortable sucking cock. So his first partner scene is a little rough, but by the time he filmed his second partner scene, you could already start to see Blake loosening up and having more fun with a cock in his mouth! The first one’s the hardest ;)

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