Introducing Corbin Hall

We’ve been actively looking for new guys to throw into the mix here at AZ, but we’ve also been extremely picky on who makes the cut to audition. Most guys we meet are usually to run-of-the-mill or just not interesting enough to carry a conversation. We met Corbin through one of the many gay-dating websites that we’ve unsuccessfully tried to recruit from so we were a little caught off guard when we met up with him and he told us that he’s had a girlfriend for the past 4 years!
We brought him to the apartment on one of the hottest days of the summer to audition and he was a little nervous but also extremely eager to give porn a shot! He has a unique look, great smile, upbeat personality, and is our very first bi-audition here at AustinZane. So take a few minutes to get to know Corbin Hall, then watch him get naked for the world to see for the VERY FIRST TIME!

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