Ever wanted to jump behind the AustinZane cameras and direct your very own shoot? Well, AustinZane member ‘Jeremy’ got just the opportunity a few weeks ago when he was the first to correctly answer all of the AZ trivia in the blog area. We usually do the write-ups for the videos, but we’ll let Jeremy do this one:
My trip to Las Vegas
June 24 – June 27, 2011

This was a trip I could not wait to come. I was a true Vegas virgin. Flying high on none other than Virgin America airlines.

My trip started of course with my departure from Seattle to Las Vegas via San Francisco! My flight was fabulous! I recommend if you ever have the option to fly with Virgin America … do so!

The minute I arrived in Las Vegas I could feel my stomach tremble with excitement and anxiety all together!

The first night I really didn’t do much. I was really tired with all the flying. The next day we headed down onto the casino floor only to run into a time share deal which I was pseudo suckered into. Long story short I lost $50.00 to that. The day went on with drinking and some slot fun. Later that day I met up with a physician that I worked with for dinner. We enjoyed some fine Soju and warm Sake’. A walk down the warm strip followed. I love how it changed from being busy to mass mania at night. Later that night I had the honor of meeting the guys from We had a blast enjoying several cocktails at the Centrifuge bar in the MGM. Spending time with the guys was the highlight of my trip. They are the most kind, funny, easy going, warm dudes you will ever meet. I was so excited to see Zane’s beautiful white teeth up close and personal. Austin, what can I say about him other than “goof ball”. Bret is truly the baby-faced sweetheart we all known him to be. The whole evening was very comfortable full of laughing, jokes and of course drinks….at the end of the night the guys said if I was up to it I could shoot a fan POV the next night. By this time i had several cocktails so of course I was really excited.

Shoot day:
Austin and Zane picked me up at my hotel around 10:30 pm-ish and off the “apartment” we went! I nearly creamed my pants on the way there just sitting in the same car as the guys. So we got to the apartment and Zane gave me the grand tour. Of course I was so excited to meet Apollo first. He was a sweetie. So as you walk into the magic pad on one side you have Austin’s room all lit up with the camera crane all ready. Shortly after here come Bret all non-shallot dressed in blue tanks and holy jeans! While Austin made finishing touches to things, Zane gave me an inside look at the Austinzane website. Let’s just say lots of work goes into it. So now it’s time for me together a crash course on camera operations by Mr. Austin…. In not so many words point and shoot! Now it’s time for my debut pseudo directing. Austin and Zane hop into Austin’s shower to freshen up…..shortly thereafter Bret graces us with his presence all fresh! The guys then get down and dirty. I was so nervous my cock was scared too! After Zane gets plastered with cum full of love the guys hop in for one last shower of the night!

Man! I have to say that this whole experience was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me. I came into this as a diehard fan from Washington and left forever satisfied! I hope one day soon another deserving fan could experience what I have! Thanks guys! I will never forget this. There is nothing else to say but……..!

So here it is guys, Jeremy’s FAN-directed/filmed AustinZane shoot! See guys, it pays to know your AustinZane trivia, next time it could be you!

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