BONUS video: Thank You Fans

Before we launched, we would occasionally hold live web-chats with our Facebook fans. It was during these chats that for the first time, we realized how great and truly supportive our fans were. We had been working 24/7 on building the site and you can probably tell from the video just how worn-out we were. Fresh off of a 4-hour chat, we decided to film a video that we would dedicate to our loyal fans that supported us from waaaaaay before Day 1. We didn’t get a chance to mention everybody so we would like to do that now (I’m sure we’ll still miss a few).

Special thanks to Adrian from Australia, Scotty from New Zealand, Eric, Paul, and Rich from Pennsylvania. Frank, Andrea, and Jamie from New Jersey. Vito and Peter Pecker from Chicago, Rick from Hawaii, Chris “wolfman” from Florida, Jeremy from Washington and Brandon and Niiiiick from Ohio. Zach Sire from, Cedric DeWittison from, Andy and Dave at, Gary at and Mr. Marsh for all of your wisdom and advice. All of you have been a huge asset to us at AustinZane and we are truly lucky to be able to call each and everyone of you our friends. We hope you enjoyed this little video and we can’t even begin to explain how much we appreciate your patience while we are still trying to get the LIVEchat feature figured out… if it was something that we could do all by ourselves, it would have been done weeks ago lol… still waiting on the programmer to get it figured out- who knew it would be this difficult! Thanks again to all of our members, even if we haven’t got a chance to get-to-know-you yet, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

-Austin, Zane, Bret, Mason, Ryan, Stormie, Carter and Dane

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