Hotel Hook-up

This next video was filmed high above the world-famous Las Vegas strip. Our idea was simple… thousands of people come to Sin City each year to hook-up so why can’t we? We booked a room at a fancy resort, set up some work lights, and got right down to business. Austin doesn’t waste any time and catches me off-guard as he throws me up against the wall and starts making out with me like a mad-man. We move to the bed where we get a little bit dirtier so we head into the shower for some ass-eating. Eventually we end up back on the bed where we finish the night off properly and exchange cum-shots on each others hot, wet bodies. SIDENOTE: I’ll never forget this night because right after filming, I received a phone call from my identical-twin brother half way across the country saying he had just been approached at an Eminem concert from a fan who thought he was me. It was at this time when I started to understand the scope of and how far it could reach. -Zane

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