Hey everyone it’s Bret, today’s shoot was a little different and we wanted to offer a solo that was a little out of the norm from the apartment…. Austin and Zane thought it would be a grand idea to hike miles up into the rocks for this shoot so we woke up early in the a.m. and hiked up the mountain with our gear searching for a spot to shoot. We found a spot at the very top that we thought would be secluded so we got to work. We began with a simple introduction then I dropped my pants… half way through you will notice the sound of a helicopter flying above. Praying it wasn’t CNN or FOX news, Zane stood in front of me blocking me from them as I continued my solo. As you can see, I started this shoot out white as can be and ended it with a 2nd degree sunburn across my chest. I did a variety of techniques while jerking it because I love to switch everything up throughout my process of getting off!! I was outdoors and on the edgy side of getting caught.. just my definition of having fun and enjoying myself :) it ended with a great cumshot that covered myself and the rock around me.. I hope you enjoy what you see and please comment and let me know what y’all think about both my solo.

much love, Bret Myles

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