Audition: Stormie West

On the morning of his audition, most of Stormie’s ‘fearless’ vibes disappeared and you could tell that his nerves were setting in as he knew he was about to get naked on camera for the VERY first time. He did well during the interview portion and even had us cracking up a few times. As the interview came to an end, his nerves were at an all-time high so he took a few cigarette breaks to help him calm down a bit. Austin walked him through the audition process and we’ll let you guys be the judge on how well he did. So for the first time ever, naked for the world to see, Stormie West. Enjoy!
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POST AUDITION: After his audition, we showed Stormie a great time in Vegas. The next day we attended the Porn Convention followed by an after-party with Ron Jeremy. Stormie got black-out drunk but we can say that at least he stayed up longer than Ron Jeremy did that night. The next night we attended another Porn Convention after-party at Dave Navarro’s place in Vegas and Stormie got to see some pretty wild things that you probably could only see at a bonafide rockstar’s place in Vegas. He ended up spending most of his audition money partying the rest of his week and we even got to see Stormie pull some girls as he rode a mechanical bull shirtless. What happens in Vegas, usually stays in Vegas unless it’s an audition for!

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