Fucking Neighbors!

Here at AustinZane, we stay away from the bad porn scenarios and focus on one thing- passionate, real sex! When Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero approached us with the idea of turning GuysInSweatpants.com into their own porn site, we were more than glad to help our friends out! In our first scene with the guys, we celebrate our new partnership and poke fun at cheesy porn stories before we get into doing what we all do best, hot sex! The scene was so hot that we actually had to stop twice to prevent some early cumshots! Be sure to check out GuysInSweatpants.com for daily photo updates until the guys are ready to launch their membership site in a few months!

From AustinWildeLive.com:
“As many of you may know, Anthony and I flew out to Vegas this past Sunday. In a fortunate turn of events, we all of a sudden had some free time…so why not? Or the question you might be asking yourself is “why?” Well, as stated in my last blog post, Anthony and I are starting our own studio- GuysInSweatpants.com. Over the next few months, we will be editing the site as necessary, shooting content for it, and then eventually launching towards the latter half of this year.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Anthony and I have partnered up with our good friends Austin and Zane(from AustinZane.com) for this next amazing chapter of our lives/careers! Knowing them and their story and them know ours, we came to the conclusion that we can do great things together. Not only great things, but turn out hot scenes with hot guys that actually want to be doing what they’re doing. You guys are definitely in for a treat. So be sure to look out us blogging about shoots over the next few months until the launch of GuysInSweatpants!”



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