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“Okay, now I’ve watched The Very First Shoot. Please don’t laugh at me, but I’m about 50% on the way to shedding a tear at how beautiful that was. I don’t think you guys understand what you’ve captured on film here. You might want to be careful and pull it back a bit cause that’s a powerful piece of art you are putting out there and art affects people. Already in Winning Wager I thought, “I think I just fell in love with these guys a little” and now in The Very First Shoot I thought, “I’m in love with these guys and now I’m envious of their love for each other too.” I’m serious. This was a little “Brokeback Mountain” kind of thing, like watching Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal get it on. NOBODY puts that much emotion into their porn videos…”

“…You’ve really achieved something here: you’ve taken three guys that we’ve all seen in very numerous videos before and shown them to us in a fresh light. There’s practically no square inch of your body, Austin’s body or Bret’s body that hasn’t been filmed before, but you’ve taken that skin and those muscles and those cocks and infused them with a new feeling, a real humanity. And you did all that without even showing all of Austin!”

“The shots of Zane’s beautiful ass starting at around 5:00 are worth the price of admission by themselves. I wanted to reach through the computer screen and…well, I’m sure you can guess.Then again starting at around 8:55…if I were younger I’d’ve cum in my pants just from that angle on Zane’s fabulous glutes! And Austin is so sensually appreciative throughout…I need a boyfriend who likes what I do as much as Austin likes what Zane does. Watching Austin’s dick slide into Zane’s crack starting at 13:45 just about made me lose my mind. But I know we have to wait until April 3 to see Zane take it! Really nice handjob cumshots here, too. Final verdict: YUM.”

“…And it astounds me how a project run by two straight guys gets it better than 70% of what’s out there.”

“It’s great because it’s real. It’s great because there’s not a false move in the whole video. It’s great because it’s not formulaic. It’s great because you guys are beautiful and the production itself is professional. (The mechanics of playing the video were excellent as well: simple, smooth, light and sound in synch, et cetera.) It’s great because you two were sincerely turned on, affectionate and focused more on each other’s pleasure than on making a video. I LOVE that I couldn’t see absolutely everything that was happening every second. It was a hot voyeuristic experience because of that. Using two cameras is an excellent way to capture the action without playing to the camera. The best thing about it is that neither of you hesitates or seems forced in what you’re doing. At every point I feel like, “Yeah, that’s what I would do if I were making love to that guy.” I totally accept that you guys are straight, that you’re not fooling around together off camera, that you have women in your lives, but ON camera you’re totally into each other and that is beautiful to watch. Your every kiss, lick and caress says “I love this guy and I’m turned on by him.” That’s something I saw in your previous work and it’s something I don’t see on other sites. Thanks for bringing that to your viewers!”

“I’m curious: is ANY other website doing this? : ) Awesome. Unique. Iconoclastic. Fun!”

“Excellent video, guys! Very real, very fun, very hot! The Director’s Cut option is an inspired idea! It’s great how you think outside the box like that. Keep it up!”

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